Allison was 25, single and thought she might be pregnant. “How could she raise a child?” She had always planned on having children and a family, but this was not how she had pictured it. She was nervous and scared. After 4 at-home pregnancy tests, she told her boyfriend, Antravius,  that she might be pregnant. He says, “I realized that I had been going nowhere, and knew that I had to make a change.” He responded with his full support.

Allison had found Options Now through Facebook and together they visited the clinic for a medical pregnancy test and ultrasound. Allison fell in love when she saw the ultrasound of their baby.

With the support of her boyfriend, her family,  and the people at Options Now,  Allison and Antravius prepared for their baby to be born. During that time they came to the “Earn While You Learn” Classes at the Clinic. They prayed through their fears and welcomed their healthy baby, Nyla, into the world. Antravius says, ”As soon as she was born, the first thing she did was grab my finger with her tiny hand. She’s been Daddy’s girl ever since!”

Allison and Antravius call Options Now family,  and thank God for bringing them to the Clinic when they needed help and guidance. Now, as a married couple, they are not only raising their daughter but have made plans to become Foster Parents. They recommend that anyone, finding themselves in the same circumstances of an unplanned pregnancy, go to Options Now!

Thank you so much for being part of Allison and Antravius’ story!

Nyla is our July 2020 Calendar Baby!

Allison & Antravius Story